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Bay City Pet Travel offers airline approved crates for both

hire and sale in all sizes to transport your pet.

There are two main types of crates used to transport domestic animals. Plastic (most common)and wooden (for strong breeds).
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Airline Approved Plastic Animal Transportation Crates

Bay City Pet Travel stocks a large number of PP20 – PP40 and a smaller number of PP50 – PP80 crates. All of our plastic crates are International Air Transport Association approved and are safe to use on all flights. Our most commonly used crate is a PP40. These will accommodate from puppies to adult Cocker Spaniels. 


Our plastic crates are available to hire or purchase. All of our hire crates include a water container for you to fill for your pet. We also use the plastic crates for transporting birds

Plastic Crate Sizes by Breed

Crate Size
Max. Weight Inc Crate
PP20 Suitable for Kittens, Small Puppies such as Jack Russell, Miniature Dachshunds, etc. 10kg
PP30 Suitable for Adult Cats, Small Adult Dogs such as Bichon, Pomeranian, etc. 15kg
PP40 Suitable for Adult Cocker Spaniel, Cairn Terrier, West Highland Terrier, Dachshund, Cavalier, Corgi, etc. 20kg
PP50 Suitable for Adult Beagle, Whippet, Small Border Collie, Dalmatian, Samoyed, Schnauzer, etc. 25kg
PP60 Suitable for Adult Border Collie, Large Whippet, Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, Ridgeback, Weimaraner, etc. 35kg
PP70 Suitable for Adult Afghan Hound, Airedale, Labrador, Golden Retriever, etc. 50kg
PP80 Suitable for Adult Greyhound, Setter, etc. 65kg

Virgin Australia Cargo have a cut off weight of 65kg including the crate. If your animal exceeds this weight, Virgin Australia Cargo will reject the animal and refuse transit.

Dog and cat transport has never been this affordable or this easy!

Plastic Crate Dimensions

How to find the correct sized crate

It is important that any pet travelling is in the correct size travel crate. If the crate is too small, your dog or cat may be very uncomfortable which may result in them being sore and stiff on arrival. For the welfare of the animals, airlines are very strict in ensuring that the dog or cat be able to stand in a natural position and be able to turn around and lay down comfortably. If your pet cannot do this, the Virgin Australia Cargo may simply refuse to transport your animal. It is for this reason that we ensure that your pet is travelling in the correct crate.

To work out the correct size of the crate for your dog, take the following measurements and use the chart to determine minimum crate size:

– Measurement (cm) from nose to base of tail = (A)

– Measurement (cm) from the floor to the top of the dog/cat’s head whilst standing = (B)

– Measurement (cm) the widest point of the dog (usually shoulders) = (C)

Still not sure?

If you are unsure of which crate would be the correct crate for your pet, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to help you.

Whether it be Brisbane to Melbourne, Newcastle to Perth, Darwin to Adelaide,

Bay City Pet Travel is your discount pet transportation company.

Kittens in crate
cat in crate
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